This album is about the North Pole, the light on the North Pole, the electromagnetic effect of the North Pole, which also determines the movements of the sun, moon and stars. The Bible also tells about this and I have written about this in my blog: What about the sun, moon and stars? Many think that in the center of the earth where the North Pole is also located, was the Garden of Eden. That’s certainly possible. Many also believe that the pit of the abyss is located at the North Pole.

The North


The first four rivers God made were said to have been born from the North. The Garden of Eden is said to be in the center of the earth where north is. Old historical maps indicate Eden at the center of the Earth. Some think Atlantis was once the world before the Flood. This could well be because a lot has changed after the flood and there were also many earthquakes. To this is also connected the pole star with four connected stars very similar to the first four rivers. God is great! The swastika symbol is also similar to this and I think it has a different origin! The North Pole also has spiritual significance and many Freemasonry images point to the North Pole, so I’ve included this one so you can see the resemblance. There are images of a cross with two people crucified. These are blood sacrifices to open spiritual gates. Illuminati is certainly aware of what the Bible says. It seems they are awakening the beast spiritually. They also see Jesus as the way to eternal life. The cross that stands in the center of the earth, which you can find in different kinds of religions. They believe that the tree of life once stood there and I made a separate album about that: the tree of life. The crucifixion of Jesus is compared to the tree of life and they believe that two different spiritual powers from heaven and from the abyss can give eternal life. Illuminati believe that you can gain eternal life on your own and do all kinds of rituals for this.

It’s a kind of rebirth. They are, of course, misled. The Jesus they mean is a sun god/polar star/morning star and is not the same Jesus we know. That’s why you see a lot of pictures of a Catholic Jesus with a halo on his head. That is the sun and not a symbol of light. Often you see him sticking out two fingers (prana mudra) and that is the symbol of Lucifer whom they call light bearer and see as the creator of the world. The grail of the statue of liberty is in reality Lucifer as ‘light bearer’. The grail is also the blood that is sacrificed. Like the cup of abominations that the harlot of Babylon pours out. But Jesus also speaks of a cup that no one but Him can drink. In my view this is the real meaning of the drinking cup. The occult world copies everything from the Bible and perverts it.