It is actually all dead what we look every day, where we daily by stimulated. Advertisements that tell you that you are missing things, series that are played over and over, films that instill fear and distort reality but also present the truth about the real bad boys in the world. Still…it’s movie. And because it’s a movie, we don’t think about. If reality matches a movie, then it is considered a lie. It’s just a movie, nothing to worry about. The news that always proclaims the same, counts numbers without content because the tests do not measure corona. Our prevention and policy is based on this.

Hollow words, hollow sounds, yet there is a viper in the grass that can strike any moment. But you don’t see it, you’re blind. You watch your daily broadcasts, you laugh carefree with series that present a peaceful world. You sleep and don’t see reality.
On the other hand, there is fear. Because those corona measures are not exactly compliant now. It will pass. Especially if we do what the government says: let us prick.
Media has become reality while it is still film and not a true representation of reality. When you see how much effort goes into making a particular movie, the magic quickly disappears. Those things are staged and how such film was made is boring to see. Yet many believe more than they realize.

These images have become your norms and your values. Isn’t fashion determined by media? Isn’t it true that what’s trendy is determined by media? Isn’t it true that they determine what you need and what you need to think about? Media does more to you than you would like.

Today, our self-esteem is determined on the basis of thumbs and hearts that we receive every day. Popularity and diversity, the supposed ability to be independent/unique, determine who you are. But are these real values ​​that tell you who you are? What about worries, pain and sorrow and intense longing for relationships? Are these things not important anymore? Just wanting to be simple without constantly wondering if you’re cute enough or looking good on a photo that usually puts a filter over you? Wouldn’t you rather care for your child and your family in a humane way without run back and forth every day because you have to pick up and drop off your child and your work is two cities away? Hours in the fille, sprinting for prepare dinner, make time for your child and homework and the day starts again. Then media is your only relaxation…
We are so preoccupied with everything around us and how to impress and be popular that we forget to live and enjoy the little everyday things called simple. This no longer seems possible and valuable. It has made impossible to lead a dignified life.

Have you ever considered that media influences you and defines who you are and what is important? Are you not tired of that? It’s all about your reputation. It’s like being part of a show instead of actually living.

This theater is getting more and more grip on you. They are currently working on a sub-reality that becomes reality for every person. You no longer have to sit in front of a television or look on your phone,.. The broadcasts can simply be presented anywhere and become your ‘real’ world. Welcome to the new world where you can be who you want to be and where you can do what you want. Do you really want to be someone else or are you told you’re not good enough? 🤔

All these plans are ready. They are currently rolling out all the necessary connections. Then all you need is a receiver that they plant in you. Just zap, and you can do whatever you want. You never have to face reality again. You can watch one show after another all your life.

Where is that viper that will strike, when will it strike? I see nothing because I am blinded. I don’t see what’s going on anymore. What is real and what is not? Perhaps the viper has poisoned you long ago that you don’t even realize you’ve been poisoned?

Beautiful stories about 5g and a future chip. Nice stories, but in reality it may be different because it’s true that meat and iron not mix. The flesh is brittle. And the people, those bad boys on the top, know this… They won’t tell you the truth. You loved the lie so much!

It is a beast of iron that crushes anything in its path. No compassion, no empathy, no room for debate. He moves forward, straight ahead without deviating from his path, he goes straight to his target. And his target is you. The regime is so tight that human values ​​are being destroyed. . Welcome to the new world order, our new era that many long for. Or am I mistaken?

How did it come to this? How could they…? Maybe because we ignored reality? Maybe we’ve allowed too many things? Maybe they used fear to push you in a certain direction? Maybe we didn’t think about longer term consequences during elections and only saw the small benefits? Maybe we didn’t read the fine print in the agreement?

There is still a way out. You can choose today to stop relying on the media and check the things they present. It is always smart to check facts with reality. Then you notice… Nothing is what it seems. We live in a matrix.

Do you take the red or the blue pill? Will you wake up today? Will you help to proclaim the truth so that many lives are not lost? Because people pass away for trust the media. People are dying en masse, but none of them listened and they are not remembered by the elite. It’s just people…

Hear the voice of the silence that mourns the lives being destroyed. Like flowers that wither, trees that wither. Then summer is near. Not a single tree survives nigh to a mast. And bees don’t like it either. Neither do birds. They give their lives en masse. But nobody sees it, nobody tells it. It is the voice of silence that mourns because all life is perishing.

Take His hand. He listens to you, He sees you. He knows who you are and He knows your sorrow. He wants to help you. He wants to redeem your life. He will come back to punish the bad guys and their grandmaster. But He will give you redemption forever. There is a ‘new age’ that is not illusion but true. And He is waiting for you. Listen to the silence, listen to His voice. He has breathed life into man. He is the one who gives life. He’s the one who also decides what to do with bad guys.

But He waits. He waits for you to find Him. For He does not want you to perish.
Then comes the day He takes his reaper and removes all the weeds while the flowers are preserved. For He has waited so long that not a single flower should be reaped. He loves you so much and that’s the reason He gave His life for you. He knew that His blood could cleanse you and deliver you from the web in which you were entangled. . He broken the tie with death so that he can no longer rule your life. He has made sure that you can become His and live under His wings. He cherishes you like a hen that takes its chicks under its wings. Do you know why? He has a heart, a heart that beats and brims with life and love for you. That’s why He made you. To love you. Believe what He has done for you, hear the voice in the silence that mourns because people destroy themselves, and listen, you will be with Him forever and never be lost again.

For He is a caring Father who cherishes you. He gave His son who shed His blood that you may be completely cleansed and come to Him. He defeated death and was the first to rise from the dead. He is your Redeemer who sits at the right hand of the Father and pleads for you.

When are you coming home?

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