Giant trees, tree of life, mythological trees

Enjoy God’s wonderful creation! Here I show more giant trees but also the link with the tower of Babel (height).

The towers have an important meaning. Namely, how some want to ascend to God. Ascending in a literal sense or ascending in a spiritual sense? Someone who does not have Jesus, which is life itself, tries to save his life on his own strength. People can go a long way to prolong their lives, like bloodshed! Or… sacrifice! So it is with money. Money is the source of all evil. You trample poor people to put an extra coin on your money tower. What you do nothing with… Isn’t this all fear? There comes a day when the end is near and then someone realizes that his life was a futile pursuit. He let it pass. Because when you are born, do you take something with you? When you die, do you take anything with you? Hopefully you can give your money to heirs. That is why Jesus says it is better to lay up treasures in heaven. These are never lost. They are eternal!

Giant trees

Below you will find photos of mythological trees of life such as the Axis Mundi where ‘mainly’ New Age and Norse religion, believe that it stood in the middle of the earth where the North Pole is located. That there was the garden of Eden, the earthly paradise. The cross of Christ is also likened to a tree and illumination and many other religions believe that Christ points the way to eternal life. And it is, but they don’t see the Spiritual meaning but only the physical meaning. That’s why they perform rituals and sacrifice blood to get eternal life. Hadn’t Jesus shed his blood for us? Was His precious blood not enough? It is impossible to enter God’s Kingdom on your own strength. Without his Spirit, you cannot enter. God had to come to us to give you access! At least if you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead after three days and is now sitting at the right side of the Father. His blood was worth more than all the sins of the world! It was Divine blood!

I had collected images about this because I also made videos about flat earth and new age. This is, of course, occult and that is what I want to demonstrate. This how everything is connected and how deep the roots are! At the end of this page you will find pictures of the black sun. People who believe in the Nordic faith, which has recently been booming due to the well-known series of Vikings, believe in a third celestial body: the black sun. This sun is also called rahu or sophia. Coincidentally, there is a new human robot named Sophia. This sun would cause the lunar and solar eclipses. This not only comes from the Nordic faith but also has an Eastern origin. They believe when sun, moon, black sun (or pole star?) are in a certain position, they can get eternal life through blood and ritual. Unfortunately, this is a new movement in the flat-earth movement. This is an ancient belief and has its roots in the Normans. This belief also points to Russia (Gog). I also found a picture from Google (dome) with Vikings on it. Nothing is a coincidence, everything is carefully planned. Illuminati uses media to influence people. Stay awake!