Dome and concepts

Here I want to add different concepts of the firmament that we find in other religions, history and media. It is written in the Bible that they built the Tower of Babel in rebellion against God. Now I had translated the text about it directly from the Hebrew and that gave a very different result! Literally it is written that they wanted to make a “breakthrough” in the firmament to put their heads in the sky. I know that everyone has their own opinion about non-canonical books. Opinions on whether the book of Jasher (book of the upright) is really the book the Bible refers to, are divided. More is written about this in the book of the upright. I started reading this, unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish yet. I don’t know if it’s all from God. What I find annoying is the adapted translation into Dutch, which means that the Word is lost. The book I was reading had no source and I couldn’t check in Hebrew. I see it more as an attachment and inspiration. The Bible is the most important thing! I made a video where they wanted to make a breakthrough in heaven to put their heads in it : Flat Earth3. I found out that Thor was also trying to make a breakthrough in heaven. I believe that all religions have a biblical origin and after the confusion of languages, stories and events made their own way. Thor is also a Viking. It is no coincidence that he is popular. Everything points north.

Dome and concepts

Smash the dome

So we can generate free energy. This is called electromagnetism! If you suddenly see UFOs and holograms in the sky that are lifelike, these could also be holograms. They can project this all over the earth. That’s why I made this website and a group on Facebook. There is a chemical war going on: vaccination and 5g. 5g is a weapon and they can be used anywhere under the firmament! And these things are happening now. There are plans ready for false Jesuses, a (false) alien invasion but also a false rapture! That is why it is important that you know that the earth is flat and they can project through artificial intelligence. Didn’t Jesus warn us about false Christs that we shouldn’t “go there”? And for false prophets with sorcery that make fire fall from heaven? Well… Here’s your answer.


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