Antarctica surrounds the whole earth and is not a small continent. There is an Antartica treaty signed by all world leaders which states that no one may take possession of Antartica. NASA is not just another space station. They were founded by NASI. They work with Hollywood and Walt Disney. Why wouldn’t they stage everything? They are also engaged in all kinds of secretive practices. There are rumors that they are developing high technology, kidnapping people (think their quarters in Mexico), experimenting with DNA. Not only this. There are also rumors that all kinds of disgusting practices and experiments are being done on humans. Similarly, they would also support many child abductions and sacrifices of babies and child sexual abuse. There would be corridors under Walt Disney, they can kidnap children. NASA is partnering with NASI. Antartica doesn’t just call Antartica circle. This designation is officially used. According to Wikipedia, Antartica circle would be a particular location at the South Pole. Many brave heroes in the past who tried to prove the existence of Antarctica were missing or killed. They anxiously try to hide Antarctica from the world. Ships barely sail under the alibi that this environment is dangerous because of many icebergs. Airplane routes are limited and only fly to a small part of Antarctica so they never discover that Antarctica is encircling the whole world. Some rumors are that there are holes in the ground, other rumors are that beyond the Antarctic Circle is more land, the land beyond the dome. It would give them an awful lot of power if they discovered land beyond the firmament. Besides, it seems to me, if this is the case, that it is not intended for humans. In the book of Enoch you can read during his journey through the world that God has many places between heaven and earth. For those who are open to the book of Enoch. I myself recognize it as Biblical but the Bible is my most important book: Yeshua, the Word of God.