Bye everyone!

I would like to welcome you to this website! I would like to explain more about this. This is a Christian website about flat earth and the real truth we need to know. I focus on flat earth but also on the future! Because flat earth is the key that can open Pandora’s box and make all lies fall like a house of cards! This website is not only about flat earth but also vaccination, DNA, hybrids, chemtrails, technology, bluebeam and so much more! I advise you to consult albums where I have collected images with explanations! God has urged me to inform more people because even the very elect can be deceived! We must not despise the prophecies of God, and it is good to examine and keep what is good. I encourage you to research flat earth and even help contribute because many eyes have many insights. We may not always agree, but in Jesus we can agree. His Word is more important than myself, Jesus is the Word and I strive to see the truth. God gives me a lot of revelation and visions and insights about end times. I get so much information about me that I don’t know how to put it into words. I strive to put this into words and make this known to more people. In this I am guided by the Holy Spirit. I am also human and not perfect. Together we can achieve a lot.

God showed me how important it is for more people to know what we’re living on in view of coming deception! It is my heart to inform people about this and I hope that they may also come to faith. Flat Earth is a very big revelation and if this is new to you, you will probably be overwhelmed by a lot of information. I also experienced this and I hear that others experience this too. I would say stay calm, take a deep breath and let everything sink in. Take it easy, take information you can handle. The most important thing is to stay close to God!

For it is God who guides us and reveals things! When we discover that the earth is flat, we automatically discover all the lies in the world. You will be amazed at how crooked the world is. In this case, literally and figuratively. There is a great deception going on. God had previously warned us that in the end times he will send a powerful deception because people have turned their hearts away from the truth. In this way God shows who He is to people who do not believe that He exists. They have not recognized His love and goodness and all the good deeds He performs and therefore He will make Himself known with a heavy hand. God is good and long-suffering, but there is an end time, an appointed time when He will judge. The world is getting more and more angry, the occult is increasing, everything that God has created is warped and what is sweet becomes bitter and what is evil becomes good and what is bitter becomes sweet and what is good becomes evil. It is not easy to survive in a world that is crooked and full of corruption and lies!

All we can do is drop our anchor to God and keep our focus on Him. I want to encourage you to seek Jesus more than ever. Without Him we cannot overcome. A very difficult time is ahead but God in us is greater than the ruler of the world. I also want to encourage you to help spread the truth, to contribute. I may not be able to follow everything because God uses me to reveal insights and I need time for this. I believe I will still need help to manage this site. Many hands make the work easier. What I also think is important is that we work together as brothers and sisters. It’s easier when we’re on the same side, supporting and encouraging each other. Trust me, spreading this truth isn’t easy and multimedia isn’t helping!

May God richly bless you!